3YØF and ON4WW/3Y in 2015/2016

island-BouvetStill some confusion about the 3YØF/Bouvet Island expeditions in 2015/2016.
Looks like two expeditions for the moment:


The plan indicates a 12 team members with 6 sets of equipment during 2 weeks. Initial operators list: UN7PCZ, SM5AQD, LA7GIA, PY2PT. Preliminary window is from 17 December 2015 to 10 January 2016. The team have an offer from Elecraft about the loaning of six sets of K3+KPA500. In addition, 80% out of all antennas for 3Y0F have been made.


This is a “one man expedition”, still uncertainty about funding and dates.
If this one takes off, it will probably be in 2016.